How do you remove a rat stuck in my dumpster?

As far as a trapped rat is concerned, letting it free will just make it go back to your house. There are a number of possible ways- some humane- to remove the trapped rat. Firstly, you can

• let it out in a distant location around a bush
• leave it there for a while and let it pass
• You can as well trap it inside the can
• Capture it using a net
• Call a professional exterminator to remove the rat

As much as calling an exterminator is costly, they will actually do more than just removing the rat. They will guide you on how to get rid of the rats by giving you the most effective methods they have ever executed.

How did the rat get there?
Knowing the root source of the problem will prevent future similar occurrences. The rat could as well be a stray one but high chances are that the mouse was from within your home. It might have slid in by itself or you trashed it out with other garbage.

Are the rats in the house too?
Several features in the house will point out the presence of rats: squeaky sounds at night, scratches or nibbled items like doors or cabinets, foul smell, round through holes or even dump walls or ceiling. Rats are notoriously destructive with food, they will punch holes on packed foods. Other than destroying your precious items and food, they also destruct your sleep at night by their movements.

Why you should exterminate them
Besides wreaking havoc in your house, rats are good at spreading diseases. You can easily be infected with plague, rat bite fever, salmonella bacteria and leptospirosis among many other diseases. Rats are also known to start fires, they will nibble and gnaw power cables or pass around live wires hence start a fire. Rats can chew water pipes and gas pipes causing leakages which may have fatal implications.

How to exterminate rats
Experts have culled numerous ways of exterminating rats. Using deterrent may work but after some time, rats will be used to them thus not very effective. Using traps is 100% effective. Trap the rats with as many traps as possible and reset them after capturing rats. Using glue boards is effective but delivers a rather slow death that makes other rats wary. Always remember that rats harbor pests, so don’t touch dead rats with your bare hands.

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