What do wildlife rehabilitators do with rodents?

About Wildlife Rehabilitation
Before we tell you what do wildlife rehabilitators do with rodents, we must first define what wildlife rehabilitation is. Wildlife rehabilitation, according to several definitions, is the process of caring for orphaned, sick, and injured wild animals.

Animals are rehabilitated at wildlife rehabilitation centers as long as they are sick, injured, or until they grow up old enough to carry on with their life alone in the wild. Wildlife rehabilitation also includes preparing the wild animal for living in the wild.

Wildlife Rehabilitators and Rodents
So you have found out that you have rodents in your attic, shed or in your house. You most likely don’t want them near you. What do you do next? Get rid of them. More and more people today get rid of rodents in a humane way, but they dispose them in an inhumane way by relocating them far away from the place which they invaded.

If you caught a rat or a mouse in a live cage trap and you don’t know what to do with it or your state prohibits relocating the wild animals, you should call wildlife rehabilitators to handle the problem. They will know what do to with the rodents you caught.

When You Must Call Wildlife Professionals?
There is one special instance when you must call wildlife professionals. That instance is when you catch and get rid of adult rodents just to find out that you have a rodent nest in your attic you didn’t notice.

Now, before the professional wildlife rehabilitators arrive to your home to take care of a litter of rodents, you should put on protective gloves and put rodent young one by one in a large pillowcase. Once professional wildlife rehabilitators arrive at your address, you just handle them young rodents in a pillowcase.

What do They do With Rodents?
Wildlife rehabilitators are especially fond of taking care of young rodents. The most important task of a wildlife rehabilitator is taking over the feeding of young rodents.

Wildlife rehabilitators will also help young rodents to defecate and urinate because they can do that barely without anyone’s help. Once young rodents open their eyes, wildlife rehabilitators will start giving the rodents the regular rodent food instead of special food formulas and milk they give before the young rodents open their eyes. And once a young rodent fully grows up, a wildlife rehabilitator will release it in the wild where no predators are prese

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