Should I Relocate Bat?

Should I catch and relocate bat to another location to solve bat infestation problem? Can bat relocation solve my bat infestation problem permanently? These are the possible questions homeowners ask while dealing with bat infestation in their homes. But what you should know is that bats are different from other animals and can easily locate their way back to the roosting place without any problem. Also, trapping bat is prohibited in most countries making it not advisable for you to trap bat let alone thinking of relocating it to another place.

Consider the Law Binding Bat Removal in Your Place
Most countries of the world mainly in America and Europe have strict laws protecting some pest and wild animals like bats and others. For that reason, before thinking of trapping bat in the first place you must check the law binding that. This is to avoid attracting huge fine you will not have enough money to pay. Never relocate bat without checking the legislation of your country about the animal.

Bats Can Locate Their Way Back From Five Hundred Miles
Unlike other wild animals and pests that can easily miss their way while searching for their habitat after going far away from it bat is just different. Research has shown that bats locate their way as far as five hundred minds. So if you cannot go far beyond five hundred miles when you want to relocate bat then you should know that your effort to solve your bat infestation problem through catching and relocating will not solve the problem.

Trapping Bat Can Put You to Risk of Infection
It is true that bats not always aggressive and do not bite at any little provocation yet, they can bite when you corner them and they feel threatened. For that reason, if you want to solve your bat infestation problem that best thing is not to trap them. You can solve the problem by hiring a professional pest control that knows the best way to remove bat without harming them in anyway.

Only Use Exclusion Method to Deal with Bat Infestation
Honestly, the only workable and approved method of bat removal is through exclusion. You have to use appropriate material to exude them from your house without letting them enter again. After exuding bat from your house the next thing will be to clean up their droppings and repair your house so as to avoid them coming back to again.

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