Do relocated rats survive?

Killing rats is not a difficult task and presently there are many ways available which can easily help you out in killing the rats. However the main problem is that rats are the rodents and mammals which are very cunning creatures. If they are alive and living in any part of your house, they can cause and spread infestation but if they get killed and remain there rotting for even small time period, then this is even more dangerous because of the stinking smell and source of even more dangerous diseases. In order to get rid of all these problems there is an even much easier solution given by experts and that is called as relocation of rats found in your house.

How rats are relocated
It is quite a difficult task to carry out the successful relocation of rats but if it is done in a proper systematic way, it is not difficult ad one can have 100 percent success rate in accomplishing this task. Usually the relocation of rats is done in such a way that first of all these are captured live in the house and once you catch them, then you can take them away to any safe place far from house so that they may not come back again. But this is not such an easy task as it seems to be. The very first thing in this regard is the task of catching them alive which is not at all easy. It requires applying different methods to get them caught alive and for that purpose one has to install a number of cages and traps which could only catch them without harming them.

Issues related with catching alive rats
The main problem is that many rats are shy to cages and do not enter inside them. If anyone gets into the cage, there are equal chances that it can escape and run away. However even if you succeed in getting the single rat or the whole family comprising of the litter and females as well, then you can have them relocated to any other safe place far away from your house.

Success rate while relocating rats
Normally it has been observed that there are only a few incidents when the rats have been observed to be relocated and then they reunite with their families and survive making it possible to start their life anew. Most of these creatures are seen to perish after they have been removed from their own territory.

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