Should I relocate a pigeon?

Humans snatch habitats
We, humans, the so called evolved beings, have spread so vast on the planet that other beings have been scrapped off their habitat. Our greed which knows no bounds has already devastated the serenity on the planet and we don't give a thought to what happens as a consequence of our actions. We simply keep going, devouring others in the process. As a result of a lot of beings now linger in our houses and we become annoyed with them. Pigeons are also one of those beings.

Pigeons are humble and smart
Pigeons are substantially humble than other beings and are very nice and simple birds. They are also incredibly smart and can easily learn tricky things. They outmaneuver any other bird and are capable of learning alphabets, some games and are good at mathematics. They attain great flying speeds too. And have been therefore used as a messenger for ages. In fact, they were first birds domesticated by humans.

Pigeons as pests
Pests are the animals, insects, birds rodents, etc. that live in our house and cause loss of property and create discomfort. Pests are certainly annoying and unwanted and pigeons do come in that category. But the case if pigeons are slightly different. Pigeons, if treated the right way can become our companion instead of being foes. We only need to have good intentions towards them and that would make life easier and happier for both us and the pigeons.

Relocation of pigeons
If you are annoyed by pigeons then a thought of killing then to get rid of them, might come to your mind. But if you are generous you would give it another thought and look for another alternative. One alternative that would seem reliable to you is relocating the pigeon and get done with it. But if you are thinking it this way then you are not going to be successful.

Why relocating pigeons does not work?
Your plan for relocating pigeons will turn out to be futile. If you do not know the reason then let me tell you. The pigeons are incredibly good at returning to their home. It has even been proved by experiments. The pigeons returned to their home no matter what scientists did to refrain them from doing so. So all your efforts will go waste. You should look for another option as relocating them gives no result. Make them pets. That would help.

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