Where should I relocate a trapped armadillo?

Relocating the animal is definitely the smatter decision as opposed to killing the creature. First because it is the easier method as compared to killing where you will have to concern yourself with how and where to dispose the carcass. Secondly, it is the humane way to dealing with the poor creature. When embarking on relocating, you should consider a few factors such as: How to transport the animal for relocation purposes How far one should relocate the animal. The place to relocate that will not bother other people. Places that are suitable to relocate the animal.

How to transport
Transporting basically entails putting the armadillo in a cage and putting the cage in the flatbed trunk of your car. The flatbed truck ensures that your car is free from the awful smell of the animal. It is also important that one covers the cage with some old blanket or a rag. This will go a long way in preventing one from being urinated on, being bitten, being scratched or worse still, being defecated on.

How far to relocate the animal
Professionals recommend a distance of not less than 5 miles from your property. This distance ensures that the animal does not return into your property especially if the area was such a convenient and good source of food for the animal.

How far to relocate away from other people
If the 5 miles’ radius happens to be in other people’s neighborhood, then you have no choice but to go further as you do not want the annoying animal to become another person’s concern. Ensure that the place chosen is far from other people’s commercial places or homes. After establishing the right distance, open up the cage and let you bother wander away.

Suitable habitat to relocate the animal
Even as you are relocating the animal, it is important to bear in mind the areas that pass as suitable for the animal. Armadillos are part of nature and like every living thing, they do have their habitat. Armadillos thrive in warm and wet areas. However, when in the wild, they are likely to be found in places with an extensive ground cover. It therefore goes without say that for relocation purposes, you would include places that are swampy or marshy or into the woodland.

It is worth noting that relocating becomes a solution for you if it’s legal in your state.

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