Where Should I Relocate A Trapped Groundhog?

After trapping groundhog and decided to relocate it to another place, one of the compelling problems is where to relocate the animal. It is not just any bush you see around you take the animal there. You should make sure that you confirm the approved areas or land before relocating the animal. Groundhog is among the wild animals causing great disaster for homeowners and if you do not relocate it to suitable place it can either come back to your home or start to cause problem for people around. Also, the place you relocated the animal usually determine the chance of survival. These and more are reasons you should ask and find out the right place to relocate the animal.

Relocate Groundhog to Park
Depending on the part of the state you are living, there are always government approved areas for wild animal relocations. Those in New Jersey always find it easy locating farm lands, parks and other areas around to relocate wild animal. If you are in area with close by park, you should endeavor to take the groundhog to the park. That will solve your problem and increase the chance of the groundhog to survive.

Relocate Groundhog to Bushy Area with Water Source
Apart from relocating groundhog to park, you can also find other busy areas around where they animal will have a feel of wild. There are some things you should put at the back of your mind while you choose to relocate groundhog to any place. The first thing is the availability of food and water sources in the area to ensure the relocated groundhog has chance of survival. Make sure you take the animal to busy area far away from the sight of capture.

Relocate Groundhog to Places without Human Inhabitation
Since you do not like the havoc caused by groundhog, you should also know that your neighbors will not be pleased to suffer same. That is why you have to consider relocating groundhog to place away from human inhabitation. That will help you to ensure groundhog released from your trap do not get into another person’s property or home.

Take Trapped Groundhogs to Woods
Another place to take groundhog in your trap is the woods, but you should ensure there is water source in the woods. Also, make sure you confirm the government approved areas for wildlife relocation to avoid getting into trouble.

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