Where Should I Relocate A Trapped Raccoon?

So you have succeeded catching that stubborn animal that have ransacking and causing problem in your home? Congratulation for that, but you still have one more problem to deal with and that is to find the best place to relocate raccoon. Lots of things are to be considered when it comes to deciding on where to relocate raccoon you catch on your trap. One of them is the legislation of your state or province about that. You will need to go through the law binding relocation of wild animals before going ahead to decide on the best place to relocate raccoons you have on your cage trap.

Consider Relocating Raccoons to Public Land Like Park and Others
Just as it has been said earlier the law of your land or state will determine on the right place or location to relocate raccoon you catch in your humane trap. In some states it is prohibited to take raccoons to public places like parks and others. But that is not the case in some other states within the United States. For that reason, before going ahead to take raccoons to public land you have to take note of the state legislation on that.

Take It to Underdeveloped Are with Water Sources
There must be an underdeveloped area within your home or yard where you can easily relocate raccoon without having to bother about the infestation again. But, you must consider the distance from your home to the the area you want to take the animal ensure it is at least up to 10 miles away but make sure there are water sources where you are taking the trapped raccoon. This is to avoid the animal coming back to your home or getting into another home to cause same problem.

Take Trapped Raccoons to Wool and Release It
There is still ongoing debate about the right place to take trapped raccoon to. Some people prefer taking it to wool while others object that saying the animal will find it difficult to survive there. But the wool is one of the options you need to consider while thinking about the right place to relocate trapped raccoon.

Fix the Hole in Your Home and Release Raccoon in the Same Territory
The truth is that relocating wild animal to an unknown land can result to their death. For that reason, in order to ensure continual existence of raccoon, it is advised that you just trap the animal and remove it out of your problem then close up the hole through which it get into your home so as to avoid it getting in again.

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