Where should I relocate a trapped rat?

It is always recommended to prefer catching a live rat and there are different kinds of traps and cages invented for this purpose. Although it seems very human and civilized not to kill the rats ruthlessly and to catch them live and then let them go out of the house and living premises safely. But it is really a difficult task. Many incidents have been observed when the rats after being caught live run away and escape from the cages and traps making it even more difficult to catch them again and to get rid of them permanently. There are different ways to relocate the rats after catching them and to get rid of them.

Relocating the rats
This is the most common and the most reliable way for the people who are sensitive to killing the rats and always want certain alternatives which can be less cruel to rats and more humane as far as it is concerned with their disposal. There are certain possible ways of relocating the rats after trapping them. However one thing should be kept in mind that once you get a rat trapped in the cage or trap, you should always take steps to get rid of the rat otherwise the rats are clever enough to escape from these traps which you set for them.

Use exclusion method
There are different ways to trap the rats. Many people prefer using the cage traps but some others go for even worse options like glue traps, snap traps or even poison to get them killed directly. But among all these options it is the best to apply the rat exclusion techniques in order to get rid of them permanently. In this way you can get them relocated safely and also make your house rat proof. This method is even much better than manual exclusion and relocation especially when it comes to relocating the whole family. There are also certain issues related with relocation of the rats if you do it in their breeding or nursing season.

Mostly it happens that while relocating the mother along with the litter, if any one of the babies is left or is separated from the mother there can be serious threats to its survival. Normally the babies which get separated from their mothers perish and do not survive. Therefore this task should be performed with great care so that there may not be any threat to their survival.

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