Where should I relocate a trapped skunk?

As far trapping a live skunk is concerned, there are many complications involved from the legal point of view. Many people are of the view that instead of killing the skunks that gain entry into houses, it is better and more humane to trap them live in special kinds of traps and then let them go off in the wild. However it is still known about the legal status of trapping a skunk especially by a common man because trapping a skunk and then relocating it successfully is the task which can only be performed by the professional experts and common man cannot do this.

Usually most people do not trap skunks for the purpose of getting rid of them but they want to trap them and use them for their own benefits like for selling the hides or using their other parts for commercial purposes. These acts are totally against the wildlife laws. Therefore there are strict legal implications about trapping the live skunks. One has to work very hard in order to justify the purpose of trapping a skunk if it is not done with the help of a professional and after proper permission from the wildlife department.

Even if it is being trapped for the purpose of getting rid out of the house, this should be done in a proper way and relocation should also be performed legally.

Availing the permit for live trapping
Before setting traps for catching the skunks, it is important to complete the legal proceedings so that one may not face any difficulty afterwards. In this regard the first and foremost requirement is getting a legal permit for catching the skunk. Once you get the permit, you can set traps and catch the skunk.

Trapping the skunk
The skunks can be captured by using two different kinds of traps. One type is the live traps in which the animal is caught live and then you can either relocate it or get rid of it by killing. On the other hand the second kind of traps will help you in directly killing the skunk. Whether you use the live traps for catching the skunks or you use the traps for direct killing of the skunk, in both the cases you need to get the permit because killing or even trapping a wild animal goes against the laws of wildlife maintenance. Therefore it is better to abide by the laws and perform every task in the book.

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