Where should I relocate a trapped snake?

Snakes are really frightening. So, if you find yourself caught in the middle of a snake issue, you have to act on it. If you have a snake hanging inside your property and basically living in your kitchen, yard, basement or garden; trapping and letting go of it somewhere is the most in effect way to handle the situation.

Go far away from your home
Always remember that you have to let go of the snake far away from your house. Note that letting it free near your house will only cause it to return over and over again. It will eventually find its way back to its territory. Ensure that you are several miles away so that it will no longer be able to come back in your property.

Go to a forest that is also far from other homes
To handle a snake as humanely possible, you would want to free it in an area where it has better chances of living and surviving within the nature. In addition, you will be entirely sure that they will no longer disturb other neighbourhoods. Having this said, you know for a fact that they will no longer end up in other people’s habitat again.

Call wildlife professionals
Do not forget that you can still call for help in case you do not have any idea where to relocate and set free the snake. Wildlife experts and professionals would very much know where the snakes should be set free.

Controlling and preventing snakes to keep on coming back in your property
Of course, it would be a little terrifying if you see a snake hovering around your home and your yard. Note that snakes are around your premises for a reason; there is a very good food supply for them in your area and your premises have a healthy ecosystem.

• Make your lawn and yards an unfriendly environment for snakes.
• Get rid of tall grasses and thick bushes. Do not forget to trim them regularly.
• Ensure that rodents do not find a good supply of food within your area. Always remember that the snakes feed mostly on rodents. More rodents, means more chances of snakes living nearby.
• Seal the holes inside your home. Look for cracks and holes that may be a pathway for the snakes to sneak inside your property. Make sure that your windows and doors are also sealed properly. Where should I relocate a trapped snake?

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