How to Use One-Way Exclusion Funnels To Remove Bats without Trapping Them

Bat infestation is one of the most challenging wild animal problems to most homeowners. They can constitute great nuisance to your property while inhabiting your attic, ceiling or another parts of your roof. But, the problem is that these animals are protected by law in most parts of the United States which made killing them not a choice while dealing with them. But, all hope is not lost as you can equally remove them from your home using exclusion funnels without any need to trap them.

Thorough Bat Inspection
If you are suspecting bats to be the wild animal in your attic, ceiling or any other part of your property, you have to carry out thorough inspection to be sure they are truly bats. This is because, there are many other wild animals that can easily inhabiting your attic and cause simply discomfort caused by bats. That is why full house inspection against bat infestation is important when you are dealing with bat infestation in your home.

Find Out the Bat Specie You Have In Your Home
Through your inspection, you will discover the possible entry and exit point for the bats. Another thing you need to confirm is the specie of bat you are dealing with. Different bat species come with different problems. You can easily find out their special by observing them in them fly out in the dusk as well as with the poops.

Set One-Way Exclusion Funnels At the Entry and Exit Point
The one-way exclusion funnels are made of different materials including clear plastic, ¼ inch steel and others. The architecture of your house will determine whether funnel exclusion will be better than netting or other method. You have to set the one-way exclusion funnel perfectly so as to allow the bats to fly in freely in the night without being able to come back into the space again. You must ensure you do this in a perfect way by selecting the materials base on your house architecture.

Seal up the Holes to Prevent Further Infestation
Since you will not like to continue passing through same problem with bats, it is important to seal up the holes and spaces through which bats get into your attic, ceiling and others. It is important for you to know that bats live many years and can easily re-visit the place they have visited before if you still allow them to. That is why you have to ensure you seal up the space as soon as you succeed in removing them. But, you must ensure you are not applying exclusion method in bat’s breeding season as that can result to disaster when the young in your property will be starved to death.

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