How to find and remove a dead opossum

There are certain issues in case you spot a dead opossum anywhere in your house. First of all the major thing which is associated with this problem is the smell which is released especially if the opossum is dead and is lying there for even a couple of days. Therefore first of all it is very important to cut down the stinking smell so that it becomes easy to remove the animal and clean the entire place which has become contaminated because of the dead animal found over there. In fact it is much easier to detect odor of the dead opossum because it will lead you to the place where it is lying.

Spotting the dead opossum
After the place is detected by following the odor of animal, then the next step is to spot the place exactly where it is found. In this regard it is important to scan and check the architecture of the whole area. Most of the times the animals are found in the attic area in deep down spaces in the house…These might be the places where the opossum may have crawled in and then died.

Following the odor
It is recommended to stick to the odor from where it is coming. One should concentrate on the walls, ceiling, and step ladder and down the floor. As soon as you get near the odor of the animal, it will change in both the intensity but also its nature. If you spot the area where the dead animal is lying you should make a hole in the wall. If it is in the attic then you have to crawl into the attic or under the floor where it is exactly found lying. But if the animal is not successfully spotted, then one should keep on sniffing to get to the dead body as soon as possible. It is very important to find out the dead animal as soon as possible because it will not only stink but can also be a source of many diseases when it decomposes and release germs in the surroundings.

Removing the dead animal’s body
As soon as you reach to the body of dead opossum you immediately have to remove it and then seal it in a bag so that its smell and stinking gases may not be released in the surroundings. After all the detritus is removed, it is suggested to spray the whole area with a disinfectant.

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