How to find and remove a dead skunk

Effects of a dead skunk
When dead, skunk will still smell since the gland which creates the foul odor may release if the body is moved to postmortem. If the skunk odor comes in contact with an object, it can ruin it. Porous objects such as clothes may be thrown away. Vapor from the spray can create a burning sensation in a person’s eye and May also cause nausea and vomiting. The smell of the odor may persist for months if not years a skunk dies under a shed or within a foundation. Since the smell may spread out all over the compound, it may be difficult. Here are tips on how to find and remove a dead skunk.

Finding a dead skunk
For a person to locate the position of a skunk or the source of the skunk smell, it is not very easy. Therefore, one must have the knowledge of the places in which skunks use as their shelters. Such places includes under your house, in vents, under the sheds. If the skunk’s odor increases in intensity of smell daily, then there is high probability that there is a dead skunk in your compound. For you to locate and find it, you are advised to first do a thorough search in the places mentioned above. You will not miss to find that dead skunk in one of these places.

How to handle a dead skunk
In most cases, do not expect the city or county animal services to track down a dead skunk and retrieve the carcasses from your compound or garden. You are advised to dispose of dead skunks by using a rubber glove to pick them up or using a shovel to scoop them up and place them in a trash double-bagged. Tie the skunk garbage bag so that it is sealed well inside.

Disposing a dead skunk
After proper handling of the dead skunk, transport the garbage bag to a dumpster or landfill and discard the skunk. If you leave the skunk on your property in garbage, it will still produce a foul order; therefore, it’s good to take it elsewhere.

Getting rid of the odor
The best way to get rid of the smell is to combine baking soda, liquid dish soap and hydro peroxide and thoroughly wash where the dead skunk was found with the mixture.

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