How to Find and Remove a Dead Squirrel in a House

One thing you must avoid while dealing with squirrel infestation is killing them with poison. This is to avoid discomfort from offensive odor coming from the carcass will cause to you if you happen to kill them with poison. But, if that have already happened to you, there is solution to it. The odor from dead squirrel can be so discomforting that you and your family may find it difficult sleeping in the house. The first thing you need to do when you have such problem is trace the odor to the particular room where the odor is most concentrated then continue searching until you find.

Check the Architecture of Your House
It is likely that squirrel will crawl inside a hiding place when it wants to die. Check the architecture of the room with more intense odor. Check whether there is crawl space under, find out the attic space on the roof. Just guess the possible place the animal may have crawled into. By so doing you will increase your chance of spotting the dead squirrel somewhere.

Make Use of Your Nose and Sniff All Over the Area
At this time, your nose will be most important in order to find out the carcass of the dead squirrel. So, continue to sniff around and over the entire place until you find out the particular area where the odor is coming from. It can involve putting your nose closer to the walls, floor, and even taken ladder to sniff the ceiling. The odor will definitely change sharply when you get close to the dead squirrel.

If You Find the Area Make Sure You Protect Yourself before Touching the Dead Squirrel
If you finally spot the area it may require you to cut a hole in the wall in order to find the body. Then after finding the body, make sure you protect yourself completely. Cover your nose with nose mask, wear plastic glove and use a plastic bag to put the carcass so as to avoid getting in contact with the carcass.

Remove the Dead Squirrel and Disinfect the Area after Mopping the Entire Area
After putting the dead body in plastic bag and throwing into the dumpster or garbage, you have to clean up the area where you remove the dead squirrel. Make sure you mop the entire detritus and afterwards spray good disinfectant to ensure the odor go away.

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