How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove opossums without trapping them

Like many other different kinds of rodents, opossums are also the creatures which mostly commonly like to roost, build nests and give birth to babies in the attic areas, walls and ceilings of the house. These places are very difficult to reach by man because of their narrow areas and difficult access. These are also the places which are considered the favorite ones of rodents especially for the opossums because most of the nests and breeding sites of opossums are seen in these places of a house. Sometimes their number increases so much that trapping them or killing them becomes very difficult. In these cases, it seems logical to find out ways for their safe exclusions out of the house and then sealing the places of their entry so that they may not get again into your house.

Opossums gathering in your house
Usually opossums like to roost and build nests in the attic and roofs of the houses where they can breed, give birth to babies and can enormously increase their numbers. Sometimes when the conditions become favorable for opossums, they can increase in numbers and grow to such amount that it becomes difficult to control them or to get rid of them. There they may also be getting enough food and space to live in, which is why their numbers go on increasing in just a few days. This technique is especially useful when there are families of opossums including the babies.

Removing opossums by one way exclusion funnels
Removing the opossums be means of one way exclusion funnels is a very useful technique and it is very effective if applied correctly. Before carrying out the procedure of one way exclusion, it is better to seal all the other entry points from where they can get into the house because this will prevent the opossums from entering again into the house. Moreover, while carrying out exclusion, it is also better to check for all the baby opossums whether they have excluded along with their mother or not. This is important because of any of the baby opossums gets displaced, it can die if it is too young.

One way exclusion procedure of opossums
The technique is performed after sealing all the entry and exit points of opossums except one which is used for their live exclusion. During the technique, it is important to make sure that all the opossums are safely excluded and none is left behind.

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