How to remove pigeon feces from concrete?

Pigeons like to hang out in open places and on top of flat surfaces. Pigeons can be found perched along sidewalks or on concrete pavements trying to pick up tiny insects or cleaning their feathers. They may leave their droppings on these sites if they get used to hanging out there. Pigeon guano is composed mainly of nuts, berries and organic matter which can be an easy job to remove if you are well prepared for the task.

Excluding the birds before cleaning

Before cleaning up the mess the pigeons have created, you should prevent their reappearance within the confines of the area you are about to clean. The following are some of the methods you can use to repel pigeons;

  • Using audio repellents. These are small gadgets that play recorded sounds of predators to keep pigeons away
  • Using reflectors to scare away birds
  • Take away their roosts and nests
  • Consider bird spiders
  • Place spikes where they like to rest
  • Use electric tracks to scare them away
  • Apply bird gel
Things you will require

You will need the following to effectively remove the waste;
  • Hose pipe
  • A natural fiber scrub
  • A dust pan
  • Broom
  • Sealable waste bags
  • Thin bristled scrubbing brush
  • Saw dust
  • Enzyme based cleaner
  • Hydrogen peroxide based cleaner

  • Clean up steps

  • Collect the droppings into heaps using the broom and put it in waste bags then seal.
  • Pour some water on the entire area covered by the droppings using the hose pipe. Water will dissolve the dried up feces which you can recollect using the broom.
  • Apply a few drops of an enzyme based cleaner to the spots where droppings stains are visible. Use the scrubbing brush to loosen the stains. Do not rinse this mixture instead use the saw dust to absorb it then sweep it off using the broom and dust pan.
  • For stubborn stain marks you may use hydrogen peroxide based cleaner to clean them. Do not scrub off the mixture, instead cover it with dry saw dust and let it absorb the mixture. Use the dustpan to put the damp saw dust into the waste bag.

  • Precaution and additional tip

    It is important to wear protective gear when handling acids. Do not harm the birds while doing the cleaning process.
    How to remove pigeon feces from concrete?

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