How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove rats without trapping them

With so many options to help you solve your rat dilemmas, one-way exclusion funnels present a humane alternative for getting rid of these nocturnal creatures. This trap works by engaging the rat through the funnel and making their way out without return.

Working in conjunction with their natural behavior
These squeaky fellows love creating and going through holes and tunnels. In this case, the one-way exclusion funnel should be anywhere near an opening they have possibly created. This hole should lead to an entry point from the outside.

Before setting up the funnel
One-way exclusion traps work on the following circumstances:

• All holes leading to your home is sealed except for one which will hold the funnel.
• The size of the rats is relatively the same.
• Only limited funnel/s is/are installed in a specific confined area.

Knowing the size of the rats in infiltrated areas will help you in creating the wire funnel for the one-way exclusion trap setup. The wire mesh can be bought in any hardware or home improvement stores. The funnel should be large enough to snugly fit the head of the rat to be able for the furry creature to pass through but small enough to prohibit re-entry into your private property. It is recommended that their exit way is outside of your home. So using a hole that they made going out of your home is the safest bet for the funnel’s efficacy. They will recognize they made the hole and go through it without hesitation.

After setting up the funnel
Using one-way exclusion funnel to remove rats in your home is a tedious process. Every now and then you need to check droppings and other signs that rats are still in your home. You also need to inspect for possible new entry ways created by rats. When the coast is clear, remove the funnel and seal the hole.

Possible limitations
If your house structure is something which they can work their way in, such as wood, they might chew on it and create a new hole to penetrate your home. Repellents around the house may come in handy in combination with one-way exclusion funnels.

One-way exclusion funnels work without a bait. Though it works with some, there are also apprehensive rats in your home that will choose the safer option – observe and learn from others’ mistakes.

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