How to remove skunk odor from dog, car, human, house

Have you found yourself facing a little monster, with its hind quarters directed at you and before you can even decide what to do next you are sprayed from fifteen feet away and for the love of life have no idea how to get rid of the pungent smell that is probably on your skin, on your pooch, your home and possibly even on your car? Well that’s a skunk for you. You do not risk just getting your eyes stinging, but a place that has the worst smell imaginable. Unless you actually like the sulphurous smell you will be gifted with by our little friend the skunk. So how do you remove the abominable smell anyway?

Why do they spray you in the first place?
A skunk will spray you;
• When frightened and feeling cornered.
• When all the hissing and teeth baring stunts do not seem to work.
• When it realizes it cannot run and hide.

Can you do it yourself?
Yes you can remove the smell yourself. But to do you must use the right ingredients to get the job well done. All the old stories about using tomato juice to bath are old wives tales. So is the idea of using expensive perfume. All they do is musk the odor. But after a few hours you will be back to the old spot you were in at the beginning. Your everything will be stinky.

What do you need to do it for yourself?
• Dish washing detergent
• 1 quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
• ¼ cup backing soda
• A bucketwith water.

How to do it
• Mix the ingredients in a bucket of water.
• Use the new liquid on the surfaces that the skunk spray has touched.
• If it’s an animal or you, apply generously and let rest for about three minutes.
• Scrub well and rinse well.
• Should you sense the smell, repeat the process.

Is this mixture safe?
Yes it is safe. But because of the volatility of the components, you need to use immediately you mix to avoid the risk of its potency getting weakened. Because of the sensitivity of your eyes, ensures the eyes are well protected. Last and most importantly, if you happen to come across a skunk, the best and easiest way to avoid the mess in the first place is simply to respect him/her and walk away very fast. Tier aim is very accurate and you won’t believe the results of such a confrontation.

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