How to use one -way exclusion funnel to remove skunks without trapping them

Why should you use One-way exclusion funnel?
Using one- way exclusion serves a great purpose when it comes to getting out skunks and other wild animals such as squirrels and other rodents from a building or home. However, this technique may not completely solve the skunk problems, reason being, there is high possibility that more skunks may come in to replace the old ones.

How one-way funnel works?
Professionally, it is said that this is the best method for evicting skunks from under your house and from their burrows. It is just like a repeating a live cage traps. Instead of trapping the skunk, it simply preventing it from going back once it leaves. The skunk will still be in your property but not under your house or under your shed. You have to ensure that if it is a mother skunk, there are no its babies remaining inside.

How to set One-Way exclusion funnel
1. Examine your compound for entry points Look around the vent and shade areas where you have seen the skunk or where you suspect that the skunk lives and find out the entrance. If you find many entrances, plug all but the main one so that the skunk has only one entrance and exit.
2. Check the area for baby skunk It is important to check if there are baby skunks under the shade or under the house. If you find a baby skunk, then there is high possibility of more than two skunks living in there. You should determine whether the baby skunks are old enough to leave their nest or survive on their own. If they are too young, wait for some week before trapping the mother. Otherwise, they may starve to death.
3. Setting the funnel Set up a one-way exclusive funnel at the main point. Secure a piece of hardware cloth to the inside wall of the entrance. Leaving a hole large enough for the skunk to pass through, bend this clothe towards the outside at the bottom so as to form a tube like-shape and slightly bend the sponge of the cloth inward, a skunk will follow the funnel to get outside but it will not be able to find its way inside again. The one-way exclusive funnel works almost the same as one-way exclusive door.

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