Will repellents get flying squirrels out of the attic?

Repellents are very active and will work on new animals that are visiting your house for the first time. Repellents are meant to accomplish two tasks,

• Scare off the animal.
• Cause a disruption and discomfort to the animal

These repellents are effective but if the animal is used to the human attic, it will always find a way to navigate through the attic into a safe place.

Scaring the animals
There are two repellents that are known to scare the animal making it t free the area. These are;

• Ultrasonic sounds.
• Strobing lights.

Ultra sonic sounds

The principle and operative science behind the working ability of these sounds is very high class. To new animals, the methods work effectively. Squirrels communicate at very high frequent sounds that humans cannot easily recognize. Therefore, if you put a source of the high frequency sound to the place near the animal residing place, then it will have a very hard coping with the situation. The sounds will disrupt the animal and therefore it is forced to leave the place.

Strobing lights

Strobing lights works very well at keeping the animals away. The principle behind their working is very simple. They are set in such a way that when they notice sudden movement, they will flash. This scares away the animal making it to leave the attic. The squirrels will get scared and will eventually leave.

Disruption and discomfort to the animal
This includes the use of the following;

• Mothballs.
• Ammonia.
• Commercial repellents.

These will cause a state of discomfort causing the animal to free to other areas.


Scatter the balls around the place where the squirrels are living. These will cause a very bad smell causing the animal to go away and never come back easily.


Ammonia works in the same manner as the mothballs it cause a very bad smell in the attic and this makes the animal to free away. However, the ammonia makes the place smell of the predator and the animal will go away in fear of the predators.

Commercial repellents

Commercial repellents are somewhat very concentrated and cause a very bad smell around the attic. Most are made using the predators’ secretions making the animal scared and eventually freeing the area.

All the repellants work very well on new animals but if you are dealing with an animal that has already been there, then look for other advanced methods.

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