Will repellents get a pigeon out of the attic?

Living Together for Thousands of Years
Humans and pigeons have lived together for centuries and centuries. It is a always a cozy thing to see pigeons on city squares, but it is always an unpleasant thing to see pigeons invading your property. Once a pigeon invades your property, it can cause a lot of troubles. There are several types of pigeons in the world, but not all types of pigeons cause problems. Only a few types of pigeons are a nuisance and they create problems. The worst types of pigeons are pigeons which live in the cities. These pigeons are especially fond of invading people’s homes. The pigeons we can see in cities occur in enormous numbers and their reproduction rate is extremely high.

Pigeon Droppings
Pigeon droppings are the most disgusting thing that is left after pigeons. A pigeon’s droppings aren’t only awful but they are also a health hazard because they contain uric acid which is a highly dangerous chemical.

Why Are They There?
If you have pigeons on your roof or in your attic, you probably ask yourself how did those pigeons managed to get there. What attracted them to your rood or to your attic? The main reason why there are pigeons in your attic or on your roof is because these animals have a constant source of water and food there. Before you even start removing your pigeons, you should first remove water and food sources that have attracted the birds to your roof or your attic. You should never feed the pigeons that are on your roof or in your attic if you want to get rid of them. Make sure that no one from your family will feed the birds as well. Pigeons are fond of eating cat food, dog food, grass seeds, bread crumbs, and many other things so make sure that your property is clean of such things.

Will repellents get a pigeon out of the attic?
Many people who have a pigeon issue in their attic ask themselves can repellents get a pigeon out of their attic. They ask themselves this question because they know for numerous products labeled as pigeon repellents. Now, the reality is that none of the pigeon repellents work well. Pigeon repellents in your attic will only be a waste of your money and your time.

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