Will repellents get a raccoon out of the chimney?

Basically the chimney of your house serves as a huge large hollow tree where plenty of animals can survive and stay and the most interesting thing is that these animals will be least disturbed if they stay in the chimney. This is because it is impossible to reach each and every corner of the chimney and check for the presence of any animal like raccoon in the chimney. Just like attic, these animals can also be found in the chimneys. As far as the case of raccoons is concerned, these are fast climbers and these are always looking for the safe and dry place where they could live, make nests and give birth to their young ones. With respect to these criteria, the chimney acts as the best source of residence for the raccoons.

What do female raccoons look for?
Usually the nest building is done by the female raccoons especially during the breeding season and after that when they have to complete their gestation period and give birth to their babies. In order to do so, these raccoons go looking for the chimneys which do not have a roof so that it could be easy for them to go in and come out at different intervals and for obtaining food as well. Moreover the chimney also serves as the dry place for them where they can live at peace.

How to repel the raccoons out of the chimney
First of all it is the best way to repel these creatures from your chimney if you make the roof of the chimney. In this way they will not get any chance of entering into the chimney and you will be saved from these critters. Usually the nest and baby raccoons are found at the bottom of chimney. Therefore if you apply repellent technique from the bottom, that will be more effective.

Apply odor deterrents
By applying certain odors, you can make the raccoons move away from the chimney. If you succeed in moving the mother raccoon away, then removing the babies is not a big problem.

Apply damper
As the raccoons select the chimney because it is dry, you can make them run away by opening the damper in chimney. It is not at all wise to fight the animal and corner it. If you let it go, it will run away on its own.

Install the chimney cap
Finally it is always advised to install the cap on the top of chimney to avoid any entrance of raccoons from the top of chimneys.

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