Will repellents get a rat out of the attic?

Once they are in, they are too hard to get out. Rats are one of the most common pests in the urban setting. To be able to help you with your rat problems, there are rat repellents available in stores. Each is suitable depending on where the infestation is.

Peppermint oil is regarded as the most versatile natural repellent. Whether it is the plant or the essential oil, it works due to its strong scent. For plants, it may only work when some of the leaves are torn to emit stronger odor. For attic, it is advisable to use the essential oil. You may put the oil in a jigger situated in every corner. Soaked up cotton ball with peppermint essential oil may work too. The oil’s potency loses in a span of few days. Therefore, it must be replaced often.

It’s hot everywhere
Cayenne pepper sprinkled in corners or near the rat holes can deter them. The powder delivers a burning sensation when it comes in contact with their hair and skin. Over time, this loses efficacy and the smell will heighten rats’ survival instincts.

All the other stuff
Other popular repellents include:

v Noise machines can either mimic the sounds of predators nearby or produce ultrasonic noise that only rats or similar animals can hear. In a few days, rats can be accustomed to it.
v Poison for rats is usually in a form of pellets. Consumed daily, rats will feel dehydration. It will eventually lead to death. However, this is not advisable for attics because ones a rat is dead and not disposed immediately it will alert other rats to be extra careful.
v Fumigation is another option for repelling rats in the attic but is not advised due to possible effects in humans. This can be used outdoors only.

The best defense
There is no other way to protect homes from rat infestation than prevention. Keep your home clean, sealed, and clutter-free. With this, rats will be discouraged to live and propagate within your area and find a new home to their liking.

Every now and then there are new finds in the pesticides aisle for rat repellents. Yet sometimes you still see the rats in your home, sometimes you don’t. You use the latest rat repellent found and still experience the same come-and-go rat experience. Until then, the search for the permanent rat repellent continues.

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