Will Repellents Get A Squirrel Out Of The Attic?

It makes sense to get rid of squirrels in the house. The damage to house insulation, risk of disease, the noise they can cause may be good motivation to get rid of them, even for animal lovers.

Repellents won’t work— have you tried?
• Strobe lights - ultra-high pitch sound emitting devices?
• Mothballs?

Unfortunately you need to know these methods will not work to remove squirrels in your attic. They will probably come with a guarantee, but the squirrels get used to them and seem not to notice them. Given a few days, the squirrels go back to their normal routine and it is back to the racket.

What is eviction fluid?
An eviction fluid is a fluid (mostly made of predator urine) that is used to spray the attic to encourage the squirrel to move out. This is why it works.

• The smell of a predator automatically moves the mother squirrel to action and hence she will want to look for a new place that is safe.
• The smell is unpleasant to the squirrel, therefore, she will want to either move the nest to another part of the attic or just leave.

How is it used?
• Seal off the attic from any fresh air outlets. This will prevent circulation of air and thus keep the smell in the attic long enough to scare the squirrel into leaving.
• Spray the entire artic with generous amounts of the eviction fluid.
• Once the mother has been scared enough into leaving with her young ones, seal off any possible outlets she may use to access the attic once again.

Why won’t other repellents work?
Repellents like moth balls, noise and strobe lights do not work because;

• They only act as a nuisance. They really do not frighten the animal much as they disturb it. Once it gets used to it, it gets comfortable again or merely moves the nest to a different corner.
• They do not seem to cause any permanent danger to the squirrel and her young ones.

Eviction works best because it is the element of a predator. That sends an automatic signal to the squirrel that there is realdanger; hence she will look for new quarters soon as is possible. Once this happens, a smart home owner will quickly seal her and her offspring off to avoid future evading.

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