Will repellents get a squirrel out of the chimney?

Generally, squirrels have no problem overcoming obstacles, such as bricks, stones or mortar chimneys. On the other hand, if it is a slippery metal pipe chimney, then squirrels can get wedged in the far end.Come to think about it, it really is easy for squirrels to be trapped inside chimneys.

The question, however, is if we can use repellents to get a squirrel out of the chimney? As a preventive measure, the answer is yes, although not even one product demonstrated that it actually works. You see, and smell in repellents require constant reapplication as they donot last long.

Now, if you can do this, then do so. Yet even when it is humanly possible for you, considering that we are talking about chimneys here, still it can be an exercise of futility. This will only mean extra money paid for merchandise that donot even deliver temporary removals.

Long-term solutions always require employing preventive measures, catching and removing the animals. Also, under no condition should you start a fire just to remove a wedged squirrel in the chimney. You might end up cooking squirrels and their babies. Instead, follow these steps:

1. From the rooftop, remove lids from the chimney top;

2. Drop astiff cloth, old blankets, sheets, or rope down the chimney. It exists a great idea tying knots, a foot apart, in the cloth or rope to ill provide a secure mounting surface. Also, tie anything heavy at the end of the cloth or rope to offer weight before you lower it slowly;

3. Make certain the end of the rope or cloth reaches the lowest part, then fasten it at the topmost part;

4. Leave the place to allow the squirrel to climb out anytime during the day. Take note that squirrels trapped in exhaust fans or chimneys will die within a day due to dehydration;

5. When the squirrels are gone, utilize a commercially-built chimney lid to avertits happening again. Use a hardware material to seal the space between the lid and the upper portion of the tube or whatever space that could be utilized as an entrance.

Always remove the squirrel before you expose the door to the fireplace to prevent the squirrel from bolting inside your house. If this happens, then you have to check on how to go about removing squirrels inside homes.

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