Will Repellents Get a Wild Animal Out Of the Chimney?

Just by browsing through the internet for wild animal repellents you will be surprised the number of search results you will get. While some repellents are fairly effective some do not work at all meaning that you can just waste your money without getting the result you need. When you have wild animals like squirrels, rat, raccoons and others in your chimney, applying repellent will not be good idea as the babies may also be there. So, you need to try some more effective removal method to ensure both the mother and babies are out of the chimney without hurt.

Make Use of Long Chimney Snare Pole to Get Wild Animal Out Of Chimney

If you are dealing with raccoons or squirrel in the chimney you can easily remove it by inserting long chimney snare pole. But while you consider using this method you should consider what to do with the animal when you catch it. Make sure you verify about relocation in your state or county before going ahead to catch the animal using the snare pole. Also, you are to be cautious while handling raccoons or other wild animals on snare pole out of chimney as they animals can feel bordered and aggressive which may result to bite.

Set Cage Trap On Top Of Chimney and Use Pole to Lead Wild Animal to the Cage

If you do not want to use long snare pole, you can make use of cage trap. Set the cage trap on top of the chimney and insert long pole for the animal to follow into the cage. Raccoons that have not been caught before in cage trap can easily walk into cage out of curiosity. But shay raccoons may not be able to go inside your cage.

Open the Damper and Let the Adult Wild Animal Move Away Through Fireplace

Open the doors and windows that lead to outside of your house preferably to the backyard when you want to open the damper. This is because opening the damper will make the animal to move inside your house through fireplace. So, when you already create exit space for the animal it will easily runt outside. Just ensure you keep your pets inside to avoid clashing with the wild animal.

Remove the Babies with Hand

In most situations wild animals in the chimney normally have nest of babies. The best way to remove the babies is to do that with your hand. Take protective measures by wearing glove when you want to remove the babies out of the chimney.

Will Repellents Get a Wild Animal Out Of the Chimney?

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