Will rice or Alka-Seltzer kill a pigeon?

Pigeons can be a genuine nuisance, there is no doubt about this. What's more, endeavoring to convince them to move along and trouble another person, or go visit a more feather-friendly region, can be unpleasant for residents and business facility alike. Pigeons are genuinely messy up feathered creatures. They convey a large group of infections and parasites and leave pounds of droppings everywhere.

Is killing of pigeons by feeding rice a myth or a fact?
A few people trust that one can use rice grains to take down pigeons and that the rice must be ‘dry’. The thought here is that dried rice extends extensively once it's presented to liquid. So if a pigeon eats a great deal of dried rice, there's insufficient room in the stomach, and the pigeon could truly blast! In any case, this is a MYTH. Stomachs can grow a considerable amount. Most feathered creatures hurl out the food out of them when they're too full to deal with it. Feathered creatures are specialists at spewing. So no, you can't really kill pigeons with rice.

Will feeding pigeons Alka-Seltzer kill them?
Alka-Seltzer is commonly used to deal with the acidity problems it uses its neutralizing capacity to do it. When it comes in contact with water it gives off carbon-di-oxide gas. It is believed by many that feeding Alka-Seltzer tablet or any other eatables that includes Alka-Seltzer to pigeons will make them burst out their insides out. The idea behind this talk is that birds aren’t able to pass gas. But by using basic knowledge of birds we can conclude that “bursting of birds” thing is nothing but a myth! Because our feathered friends don't commonly pass gas, it doesn't mean their bodies aren't prepared to do as such if it becomes necessary. If a pigeon at any point needs to burp or fart, it could. Anyways, is it necessary to kill pigeons? Definitely it’s not.

When this myth took birth?
Although it is not clear that when did this myth took birth but, it is believed that it became very popular during the 1980’s when state legislature of Connecticut discussed the bill of passing of law against throwing up of rice for luck at weddings, the reason being if the rice grains are swooped in by the birds it can blow them up. However, today in modern era where every fact is based on scientific evaluation, this myth has still not gotten into minds of most of the people.

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