How to Get Rid of Canada Geese

There are quite a number of ways to consider if you’re thinking of getting rid of Canada Geese within your property. In case there is none, it’s a good time to apply some preventive measures than having to deal with all these things later on. Remember, Canada geese can be troublesome and you don’t wait until there are more of them out there.

Most effective means
We assume you have come across this situation one way or another. By that, let us put into details all the trapping devices, exclusion methods and preventive strategies to finally rest your worries.

When scarcity is an issue
As we know by now, these birds come for food and perhaps a nice nesting place with a good view. The best thing to do is to make your place unfriendly enough for them. You can start by not offering any leftovers. Thus, make sure to secure your garbage properly so they won’t have anything to pillage.

Literally changing the landscape
Assuming you have a vast landscape with a pond, you can put up some swans to practically scare the geese off your property. Another option is to grow the grasses about 20” L and 2ft.W around it. If that’s what it takes to drive them off, then you have to keep up with a bushy landscape until they find a better place somewhere else.

Stay secured
Putting up a barrier or fencing your property is also another way to get rid of migratory birds such as Canada geese. You can come up with as high as 5 feet or as short as 3 feet just as long as it is firmly planted to the ground.

• Hedge
• Fence
• Chicken wire

Mark your territory
It is also effective to put up flags all over landscapes with large area of coverage. Geese tend to shy away from moving objects and the flag works this way as the wind blows. The same goes for balloons, which is more suitable on smaller landscapes.

Catch if you can
Trapping is one of the most considerable ways to get rid of nuisance birds within your property. You can do this by first spreading the baits all over (e.g. corn) and put out a net to catch the birds. Keep in mind that not all states have the same rules and regulations when it comes to these. Other methods only offer temporary solution and may still require professional advise to completely deal with the major concern.

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