How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

Though chipmunks are not dangerous creatures ad they also do not cause any hug loss for the houses and their dwellers but still these are the uninvited guests which can chew away the roots of your garden plants. Therefore it is better to get rid of them once you see them in the premises of your garden or inside the house. The chipmunks are very small creatures and they enter from the same points as the mice enter. Therefore it is very important to seal all those points and holes which might serve as the entry points of chipmunks. Moreover it is also a fact that once the chipmunks find food in your garden or get to know about the favorable conditions they come their again and again but also bring their mates with them.

Therefore it is imperative that if you see even one or two chipmunks. You have to take certain measures which would help in their removal and eradication form the garden and house.

Measures to remove the chipmunks
Chipmunks are small and very active creatures. These rodents are very brisk and clever in that they find many ways of entering in the territory and gardens. Once they enter into the house, they can destroy the ornamental plants by chewing up their roots. Moreover if they gain entry into the house during winters and find it cozy, they may also not leave the house and stay there for almost up to the winters. It is therefore important to take certain measures to get rid of these rodents so that their entry and exit can be blocked. Certain recommended measures which can be helpful in getting rid of chipmunks form your house and gardens are as follows:

Build fences around your garden
If you do not have fence around your garden then the chipmunks can easily enter the garden and can destroy the plants. Building fences can be a great source of protection especially forms chipmunks. Some people also build electric fences but that is not recommended because that is too dangerous for these small animals and for the pets as well.

Carry out exclusion procedure
If you fear of having more than one chipmunk in your house or your garden, then you should carry out the exclusion procedure before the breeding season of these rodents. This is also helpful in removing them once for all but do not forget to seal the points so that they may not come back again.

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