How to Get Rid of Coyotes

While in the past they were not considered as pests, their continuous growth in the city is making it necessary to find ways to control coyotes. While you may not have many reasons to get rid of coyotes, probably the howling their howling is what is pushing you to get rid of them. During mating season it can get so bad, such that it is difficult to sleep. The racket can simply be too much. If you wish to get rid of them, you may need to consider some of the following methods.

Exclusion methods
When you are using exclusion methods, you are basically keeping them out of your compound. This can be done by;

• Tightly fencing your home ensuring there are no possible entrances to your compound.
• Securing your animals like sheep and goats by surrounding their living spaces with electric fences. This will deter them from getting into your animals compound and your home too.

Removing objects of interest
• If you are in the habit of feeding your pets outside, consider feeding them from inside. This obviously leaves the coyote with nothing to eat hence they stop visiting your compound.
• Secure the trash cans you have outside. Most desirably, shut them in a shed where the coyote cannot reach.
• Ensure your compound is extremely clean. Pick any fallen fruits and vegetables.
• Make it a wrap for the rodents in your compound. This can be done naturally by use of rodent repellent methods or pets like cats and dogs.
• Ensure any grass you have in your compound is regularly mowed and kept short. This ensures they cannot hide within the grass and once exposed they go away.

Trapping them
The hardest thing to do is trap coyotes. This is mainly because they are super sensitive and cautious and thus they will smell everything. In order for your traps to work, you need to wash the trap after you have set it up to remove your scent from the cage. This is because they will surely smell your scent and will not get into the cage if you do not wash it properly. Once you have trapped it, carefully handle the cage and relocate it to a faraway place from your home.

If you cannot do it on your own
You can also consider wildlife removal experts in your area.

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