How to get rid of the flying squirrels?

Flying squirrels can become a very great nuisance especially where you don’t know what you should about them or how you should get rid of them. They will often disturb you at night since they are most active during the night. Therefore, you need to look for methods through which you can prevent them from becoming a nuisance.

Prevention measures
There are a number of prevention measures that one could use in order to get rid of these dangerous animals. Some of the methods are very common and work effectively at keeping these animals away while some others are just a waste of time, energy and the resources. The methods that are common are;

• Fences.
• Home repairs.
• Exclusion doors.
• Trapping.
• Repellents.
• Killer methods.

You need to fence up your area all around it to prevent the squirrels from accessing your compound. Doing this, you might just be saving yourself from a lot of nuisance and disruption from these animals.

Home repairs
You will need to occasionally do a home check up. This will give you a clear indication of the place where the squirrels is accessing your home from and then you can seal the place tightly to avoid the squirrels from coming back.

Exclusion door
These are special door made in such a way that they will only allow the animal to get out of the place where they are unwanted and never come back in again. These are very humane method of getting these animals out and discouraging them from accessing your house.

You could use the live traps to catch these animals and later on release them free. This is another humane method to treat these animals rather than catching the animal and killing it. You can use trapping as a method to catch the flying squirrels.

Use of the repellents
Repellents should not be used in case you are dealing with the case to do with these animals because you might end up regretting. The repellents are not active at keeping the animals away. Rather, they might cause you great damage and frustrations.

Killing methods
You should use anything to kill the animal. Considering that it is an endangered species. Just catch the animal and let it free. Killing the animal might disrupt the natural ecosystem of the environment.

Keeping the animal away is the best thing you can do. Just consider the methods above and you will be happy keeping the animals away.

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