How to get rid of the foxes

Foxes are very dangerous animals. With these in mind, you really need to keep them out f your property but how? There are many methods that have been put forward to catch the animals or to prevent them from accessing our properties. These are;

• Fences
• Exclusions
• Trapping

Why you need to keep them off your property
There are very many reasons why you need to keep the fox out your home. But basically, the most obvious reason of them all is security. You need to keep all your things very secure and away from these animals. These are some of the reasons;

• They are a threat to the poultry
• They are a threat to small pets for example the puppies
• They are a threat to pets’ foods
• They carry harmful viruses like the rabies virus
• They carry ticks which happen to spread tick-borne diseases
• They stink through the process known as fouling

These are just some of the reasons that will make you not stand the presence of these animals in your yard and therefore, you need to exterminate them immediately you see them. The methods below will help you deal with the situation of the foxes as it arises.

In case you notice that there is a fox that has been peeping in your area and visits the area more often, you need to up your game first before it upgrades its own game. Playing with the fox is not an easy game since they are very cunning. Therefore you have to come up with a better game. Traps will do you good. Identify the main key area that the foxes might use to gain access to your area and set the trap there.

Set areas in your yard through which the fox will use as their exclusion. In case the fox is already in the area you call your own, you will need to provide an escape route for the through which the animal will only move out and never get a chance to come back in.

This is another method that is so effective. Let the foxes peep from the outside and not from the inside. The fences serves as a protective shield for the animal inside and all that is inside the fence. Therefore, fencing might help you a great deal

These are just a few methods to keep the animal out; there are other methods that might be effective to you. Choose wisely.

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