How to get rid of moles

Moles are very dangerous animals that require immediate extermination but how one would do that is really the concern. A lot of methods have been put in place to get rid of the moles but only a few will work effectively. This is so because, moles are very cautious animal and will not fall easily for the traps or the method you use. Normally, they will tend to be very careful around new objects that you have placed in their way.

Prevention methods
There are very many prevention methods that have been put across to prevent the moles from entering your garden. However, most of them are very ineffective though it is believed that to some extent they do work. What they normally do is that they will repel the animals but not really getting rid of the animal. Soon enough after the repellant is done; they will come out but this time in very large number. The methods that have been put forward are;

• Underground fences.
• Repellants.
• Traps.

Underground fences
Though many people will argue out the underground fences normally work, they don’t. The reason is that, moles are rodents and like all the rodents, they are very skilled at chewing. When an underground fence is place, the moles will chew though and still get away with what they want to. Therefore, you really need to change your tactics about how you deal with the moles because surely the underground fence will not help you. They are only temporary.

Repellants are other categories of mole evacuation and extermination that most people believe that are active. Realistically, the repellants are very inactive and will never solve the problems of moles. What they usually do is that they will push away the moles for a very short time but soon enough the moles will be back. Therefore, you will need to have huge amount of repellents to get the repellents away each time the moles come. This is too inconveniencing.

Traps are the best method of controlling these animals. The two most recommended traps are the victor spear and the victor out-O- sight trap. These are very effective at trapping the animals. The spear work best on new surface tunneling when digging is visible, and when the ground is wet after the rains. The victor out-O-sight trap is effective on a deep tunnel. When doing the trapping, you are assured that the animals will not get away and therefore, this form the best method.

Trapping is the best method to use. After all, it is the only methods where you are assured that the animal will be caught.

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