What is the best bait to trap a rodent?

Tiny Little Critters
Although most of the rodents are just tiny little critters, there is just something that makes people feel uncomfortable knowing that they share their home with a number of rats and mice. And the worst part about these little critters that makes people fear them is that they can spread various dangerous diseases through their bite and droppings. However, luckily there are various ways how people can get rid of rats, mice, and other rodents thanks to modern technology and knowledge about their behavior. In this article, we will talk about rodent trapping and what are the best baits to trap rodents, such as mice and rats.

Best Rodent Trap Bait Choices
To be honest, there are a plethora of rodent trap choices, but not all rodent trap baits are good. Some rodent trap baits are actually ineffective and they won’t lure rodents into traps. However, there are some rodent trap baits that always work and we will feature them now. The best rodent trap baits that always work include:

• Small slice of cooked/uncooked of hot dog
• A dollop of maple syrup
• Raw or cooked bacon bits. Just don’t use bacon from can or a jar.
• Chunky or smooth peanut butter
• Soft sweet candies such as gumdrops
• Soft cheese with a strong smell
• Crackers mixed with butter
• Nuts
• Bird food
• Wet cat food
• Wet dog food

Selecting Rodent Bait
While you are selecting ideal rodent bait, you should be aware that you should look for an ingredient or food that has a strong smell that is capable of drawing the rodent into your trap. Foods that are a good rodent bait choice include foods high in protein or abundant in fats. However, you can also use sweet foods as rodent baits because both mice and rats have a sweet tooth. This means you can bait rodents with chocolate and sweet candy.

Your Rodent Trap Bait Doesn’t Work?
There are a couple of reasons why your rodent trap bait isn’t working. However, we won’t deal with that now, but we will instead tell you what to do if your rodent trap bait isn’t working:

1. Experiment with other types of rodent baits.
2. Try out another rodent trap.
3. Move the rodent trap to another location.
4. Purchase a trap with a highly sensitive sensor.

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