Do Rodents Eat Insects?

There are many animals that belong to rodent family and some of them include: Squirrel, rats, mice, beavers and lots more. The ability of rodents to adapt to different environment differs from one animal to another. Also, the ability of different rodents to eat some foods differs from one to another. Rats and mice are among the rodents known for their capability to survive in variety of environments and to eat different kind of foods. But the case of beavers and squirrels is quite different as they have specific foods they like to eat as well as specific environment they can easily get adapted to.

Some Rodents That Can Eat Insects

Rats and mice are two rodents that normally feed on virtually anything that come on their way. Unlike the beavers and squirrels that majorly feed on plant based diets the rats and mice normally feed on other things including insects. Some rat species normally eat beetles, insect larva and even others. In fact rats sometimes do kill and feed on mice. Wild rats normally do that mostly when there is shortage of their food supply.

The Plant-Based Diet for Rodents

There are lots of foods from plants which majority of rodent love to eat the beavers are known to eat grass, bark of tree, twigs and other part of tree that is available for them. More so, rats and mice usually feed on plant based diets regularly but that does not stop them from eating on any other things around them. Rodents are also notorious seed eaters which made them to cause great damages when they find themselves in the garden.

Some Meats Most Rodents Love To Eat

Apart from feeding on smaller vertebrates like insects and others some rodents like rats and mice normally feed on other kind of meats. Rats even have the ability to digest rotten meat, fish and other meat food sources. That is why they can easily feed on left over things in the kitchen. In fact, any kind of meat and fish available can easily be consumed by rats as they are opportunistic eaters.

Rodents Feed Majorly On Fruits and Berries

Rodents equally love to feed on fruits and berries and rats and mice are not exception. The truth is that in the wild most rodents capitalized on fruits and berries as their major source of food supply. But in the domestic rats do not really go after fruits due to abundance supply of food.

Do Rodents Eat Insects?

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