How to inspect a house for rodent entry holes

There are a lot of hazards that the animals can cause in your house. Some might be even so catastrophic and highly disadvantageous. Therefore, you need to act fast before these animal acts much faster. Remember that controlling them might be a little more difficult when they increase in number thus acting fast might do you a lot of good. Inspecting your house for these entry holes that the animals may be gaining entry from, you have to start in these three places;

• The attic.
• The basements.
• The roofs.

These are the primary and the key areas where the animal might have gained access to your home through. Therefore, you will need to be very careful and very keen when inspecting these areas.

The attic
The attic is the most vital area and the primary suspect in case you take a note of animal in your house. The attic is the less protected since no major activities happen in the attic. Therefore, most people tend to ignore the attic. When checking the attic here is what you should do;

• Check for any holes through the attic. Inspect every corner of the attic to find them.
• Check for any dropping on the floor. Mostly, the animal will leave behind some feces.
• Check for any food debris. Likely the animal could have made your home it feeding zone.
• Check for any tracks in the attic.

All these are the vital steps that should help you with inspecting the house for the animal. These are the key steps.

The basements
The basement of a house is another area that the animal could be gaining entry through. If the animals are not able to go through the attic, the next most primary area where they could gain access from is the basement. Here is what you should be checking in the basement;

• Check for any dug holes around the basement.
• Check for any left tracks in the basements.
• Check for any holes or the entry points of the animals.

These will help you counter the effect of the animal activity in the basement and when it comes to control you will be very apt.

The roofs
The roofs are other area where the animals could be accessing your house from. Therefore, just like in the case of the attic, check for any visible destroyed roofing material.

These are the most susceptible areas in so far as the entry of the animal in the house is concerned. Therefore, with that you can be able to tell if the animal is in the house or not.

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