What should I do if I find a nest of rodents in the attic?

They Will Nest in Your Attic
Mice and rats are capable of invading any object they want, but they are somehow particularly drawn to invading people’s attics. Now, there are a couple of reasons why rats, mice, and other rodents invade attics.

Attics are structures that provide rodents such as mice and rats with warmth, comfort, and security. Now, the warmth, comfort, and security an attic offers to rats and mice makes attics ideal places for mice and rats to give birth at. Rats and mice actually invade attics so they could reproduce there and give birth to rodent young. This is why you shouldn’t be surprised when you find out that you have a nest of rodent babies in your attic. And when you find out that you have a rodent nest in your attic, you should take action immediately regarding that. Mice and rats will always nest in your attic, and if you don’t do anything about that, your attic could become home to thousands of rodents.

What to do First After Finding a Nest of Rodents in Your Attic?
The first thing everyone who finds out a nest of rodents in their attic should do is to inspect its attic and home for rodent entry points. Rodents are capable of entering even through the tiniest holes, patches, and cracks.

After locating all rodent entry points, you should seal such points with a steel mesh or any other material that other rodents won’t be able to chew on. Once you have installed steel mesh on all rodent entry points, you are ready to take care of rats or mice invaders in your attic.

Getting Rid of Adult Rodents
If you have a rodent nest up in your attic, you should never get rid of rodent young first. You should first get rid of adult rodents. The best way to get rid of adult rodents in your attic is to set up snap traps all over your attic or to install several cage traps in the center of your attic. If you will use cage traps, you should know that once you catch rodents in them, you should either kill them or relocate them immediately.

Getting Rid of Rodent Babies
After you get rid of adult rats or mice in your attic, it’s time to get rid of rodent babies in your attic. Bring a pillowcase with you and put on protective gloves on your hands. Pick rodent babies one by one and put them in a pillowcase.

Now, if you didn’t kill their parents, you can relocate them along with their parents. However, if you killed their parents, call a wildlife service to take care of them. Remember to check your state’s laws on killing wildlife before you kill any rat or mice you’ve caught.

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