Will a rodent in the attic have a nest of babies?

Rat Nest in the Attic
If you have rat infestation in your attic, we have some bad news for you - even if you think that there are only several rats in your attic just because you saw a couple of them passing in front of your eyes, the situation isn’t what you think it is. Most likely, there is a nest of baby rats in your attic because the main reason a rat enters your attic is giving birth to its offspring.

And even if there aren’t baby rats in your attic at the moment, you should get rid of the rats in your attic because rats love to reproduce and they can literally give birth to hundreds of baby rats a year. Now you may ask yourself how a rat nest looks like. Well, a rat nest looks like a small and round cavity. You will usually find a rat nest in your insulation or in the walls.

Pinkies vs. Furries
You should tell the difference between newborn baby rats and older baby rats when you find a rat nest in your attic.

Newborn baby rats are pink and they have no fur while older baby rats have fur and have a dark tail.

What Should You do if You Find a Rat Nest in Your Attic?
First of all, don’t panic when you find rats and a rat nest in your attic. Also, don’t act on impulse and do something harsh to the baby rats in your attic.

The first thing you should do once you find out about the presence of rats and a nest of rats in your attic is to seal up all rat entry holes in your attic. This will prevent other rats from entering your attic.

When you seal up every potential rat entry hole, you are ready to get rid of rats. In the case of rats with babies in your attic, the best way to get rid of such animals is to trap them in a live trap. You can bait rats to enter a live cage trap by using peanut butter as bait. When you catch rats in a live cage trap, then pick up all baby rats in a pillow case with leather gloves and put in a cage together with other rats. Once you trapped all rats, release them into the wild far away from your home.

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