How do you remove a rodent stuck in a dumpster?

Do you know to what object in your yard the wild rodents are especially drawn to? Well, these mammals are especially drawn to your dumpster. Wild rodents have a number of reasons for being attracted to your dumpster.

Most wild rodents will invade your dumpster because they are attracted by its smell and because it offers them a grand feasting option. This is why rodents cause nuisance and havoc when they dwell in your property. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of rodents, such as mice and rats from your dumpster.

Physical Removal of the Wild Rodents Trapped in the Dumpster
The influence of habitat has made wild rodents omnivorous mammals and it also made them choose human dwellings as their unlimited source of food. The main source of food of wild rodents, after your kitchen, is your dumpster or your trash can.

Wild rodents will usually invade your dumpster during the nighttime because they are nocturnal animals. Although they usually can exit a dumpster after they finish with eating food found in it, some wild rodents can get stuck in a dumpster. Rodents that get stuck in a dumpster usually get agitated and nervous so you should consider removing them with patience and care. You should keep a cage or a snare pole handy before you remove wild rodents from your dumpster.

Tip The Container on Its Side
If you don’t want to run through the trash in your dumpster just to find rodents and catch them with a snare pole, there is another great way of getting rid of rodents in your dumpster.

If you want to get rid of mice and rats in your dumpster, you only have to tip your dumpster on its side. This will frighten the mice and rats found inside and make them escape your dumpster. However, keep in mind that they will keep coming back if you do this. But, there is a way how you can prevent rodents from invading your dumpster.

Rodent-Proofing Your Dumpster
Once you get rid of rodents in your dumpster you certainly wouldn’t want to see them again in your dumpster, would you?

If you don’t want to see rodents anymore in your dumpster, put a lock on your dumpster and seal up even the tiniest holes found on your dumpster if there are any.

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