Will repellents get a rodent out of the attic?

Natural and Mechanical Mice Repellents
A person that has mice infestation in its attic will do anything to get rid of the mice for good, including trying out various natural and mechanical mice repellent. However, the question is, are such natural and technical mice repellents actually good in getting rid of mice in the attic?

We will answer that question in the lines that follow and the answer may surprise you so keep on with reading this article.

Natural Mouse Repellent
People who have a mice infestation in their home usually go for natural mouse repellents when they want to get rid of mice in their home. Such natural mouse repellents people use include mothballs, peppermint, chili, and a number of other natural mouse repellents.

What most people don’t know about these natural mouse repellents is that they are actually not so effective. They may be a temporary solution, but they won’t get rid of mice in your attic, shed, or home completely. And why is that so? Well, it is because mice are innately smart creatures and they would rather bear the smell of mothballs, peppermint, chili, and other things than leaving such an abundant source of food such as your home is.

Peppermint Oil as Mice Repellents
If you would tell an old wife that you have mice infestation in your home, she would probably tell you to use some peppermint oil to get rid of the mice in your attic. However, that old wife would be completely wrong about recommending your peppermint oil to get rid of mice in your attic.

Peppermint oil isn’t a perfect mouse repellent. It actually can’t even count as a mouse repellent. Peppermint oil can only make your attic and home smell good, but it won’t chase those mice away. The reason why people believe this remedy is good for getting rid of mice is its strong smell. However, mice are animals that are used to every kind of smell. When they can get used to the foul smell of a sewer, they why they couldn’t get used to the smell of peppermint oil? Think about it.

How do I Repel Mice?
As you may have concluded, mice repellents aren’t effective in getting rid of the mice. Now, you may ask yourself how you repel mice.

Well, the best course of treatment of repelling mice is preventing them first place.

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