How to get rodents out of the attic

Unwanted Guests Up in Your Attic
Attics are places that are ideal for wildlife animals to seek refuge at and to build their homes there. Getting a wild animal from the attic is one of the most annoying things a person can face with.

The severity of wildlife animal infestation in the attic varies from area to area. The area where you live also determines which types of wild animals may invade your attic. Having all these things said, we have decided to create this article and explain how to get rid of rodents in your attic. Rodents are, in fact, the most common attic invaders out of all other wild animals. But, they won’t be your uninvited guests up in your attic anymore once you finish with reading this article.

Mice in the Attic
Mice are animals that got used to living together with humans that living in the wild so it shouldn’t surprise you when you find them in your attic. You are more prone to mice infestation in your attic if you live in the city.

Mice typically enter someone’s attic by climbing up wall cavities of a house or entering through small holes found around your house. Mice always leave their tiny brown droppings in someone’s attic after they invade. These droppings are extremely dangerous for your health.

Getting Rid of Mice in the Attic
There are two ways to get rid of mice in your attic - traps and professional mice removal. When it comes to trapping the mice, you should first purchase a mice trap.

There are several types of mice traps, such as live traps, cage traps, snap traps, glue traps, and zap traps. The best traps are snap traps. When you buy a snap trap, you must bait it with something. The best mice bait is peanut butter. Once you get rid of the mice, you should dispose them and seal up mice entry holes so other mice won’t get in again. If you have a severe mice problem in your attic, then you should call professional wildlife removers.

Rats in the Attic
Rats also love invading people’s attics. They invade attics because they find it as a comfortable and warm place to live at.

Rats are able to enter someone’s attic through very tiny holes, but they are also capable of chewing their way to the attic. Rats are active during every part of the day, but it is most likely that you will only hear them during the nighttime.

Getting Rid of Rats in the Attic
It is vital to get rid of rats in your attic as soon as you find out about their presence because of these animals’ rapid reproductive rate. The principle of getting rid of rats is same as the principle of getting rid of mice you were provided in the text above. However, we still recommend you to get rid of rats by calling professional wildlife removers because it’s not easy to get rid of rats by yourself.

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