How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove rodents without trapping them

What is an exclusion funnel?
An exclusion funnel is a specially designed trap that allows the caught animal to exit from the unwanted area themselves. The best thing with these traps is that they do not allow the animal to come back easily.

How to use it
Using these traps or exclusion funnels is the best thing that you could have for a choice. They are humane and very controllable and to add to the list, they are flexible. Using these funnels is very simple and very understandable even to the person who has never used them before;

• Target the entry point of the animal.
• Remove all the obstacles in the area to allow easy hanging of the trap.
• Carefully place the one-way exclusion door at the point of entry of entry of the animal.
• Make sure the animal is inside so that it will exit.

This method is just as simple as that. Without so much complications or disruptions, the animal can go out and never come back, not unless you remove the funnel.

Features of the one-way exclusion funnels
The features of these traps are very clear and very voguish. The features are very pronounced to even the people who are not convinced that they are the best to try the trap out. Here is what the trap has;

• The trap has a one way door to allow exit only. This means that the animal inside of the place where you don’t want them to be will just exit and never come back.
• The trap is made with some awesome wings that allow them to be placed directly above the den entry points. This is awesome since it ensures that the one-way exclusions funnels are rigid upon installations and will not easily loosen.
• They are made of hard material wires that cannot be affected by the agents of wear and tear. This makes them very stable and very durable.
• They are built in such a way that once the animal is out of the den, it can never come back easily.

If you have a problem with the rodents you don’t have to worry any more. Just go for these awesome traps at a reasonable cost and use the simple steps of setting them up. You will not regret. As a matter of fact, they are the most economical traps or method of prevent rodents from gaining access to your home. Therefore, go ahead and get yourself one of these special traps.

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