An analysis of inhumane glue traps for rodents

We all know how stubborn these animals can be. When they get a chance, they will terrorize everything that comes their way. They will destroy everything that they meet along the way and therefore containing them becomes the best solution. There are many ways that have been devised in order to control these rodents. The following are some of the ways that people have been using to contain the animals;

• Trapping the rodents.
• Using poisons.
• One way exclusion funnels.
• Using repellents.

These are some of the most common items that people go for when trying to contain the rodent problem. However, there is a method that is slowly coming up and gaining acceptance to the people. The use of glue traps

Glue traps analysis
There are some several traps that are recommended since they are humane and will catch the animal alive so that you can let it out some place safe. However, the use of glues has been far reaching to the point that some of the glues used leave the animal in a complete havoc. Glue traps have slowly gained acceptance over the recent past and people are slowly adopting them as a means to control the rodent problem in their house. However, compared to all other trapping techniques that have been devised, glue trapping is somewhat inhumane.

Why glue traps are inhumane
• The rat or the mice after being trapped, it may not die instantly, as a matter of fact, they do not die at once. Therefore, as it tries to free itself out, it may endure a lot of pain and struggles.
• The glue trap may lead to the rodent dying if the person does not free it in time. Dehydration, hunger as well as injuries are the most common reasons why the animal may die from being trapped.
• In the event that the animal frees itself, it may have sustained injuries that would lead to its death. As a matter of fact, the rodent may be suffering from unbearable pain and this would kill it slowly eventually.
• The glue traps are also inhuman to the user and especially the first time uses. In the event of unpacking the contents, the user may come into contact with the glue and get stuck. This makes the method so expensive and time consuming.

At all cost, glue traps should be avoided. You should go for other convenient methods of trapping these small dudes. Otherwise glue trapping is very inhumane.

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