How to keep the rodent out of my garden

Rodent are eaters of almost everything they will find along their way. They are not choosy especially when they are hungry though they never fill their bellies. Therefore, they will occasionally make a visit to your garden once or twice. With this in mind, you need to do something and very quick.

How will you protect your garden?
• Before protecting your garden, you should first of all establish the attractive factor that is making the animal to keep coming. This attracting factor at first should be your primary concern because no matter how many rodent you kill, more and more are going to come. Therefore, know what is attracting the rodent in your garden.
• Destroy the attracting factor. Once you have identified the thing that is causing mass infestation of the rodent in your garden, you will need to destroy it, remove it/relocate it or strongly protect it. This way the rodent will not get an opportunity to get what they wanted to and therefore they will definitely stop coming by.
• Set traps around your garden. This will ensure that every time rodent try to get in your garden, they will be trapped.

Other control measures
There are other control measures that are somehow inhumane but are helpful in a situation like this. You will find that they will come in handy and therefore you need to consider them as the helping factor. These are;

Using of poison to get rid of the mice. The rodent treated with the poison will die definitely. If not at that point of impact, they will eventually die. This is a good method especially where the infestation is high.

Using of biological methods. This includes applying the help of the cats and dogs. Cats are mostly helpful as they cause fear in the rodent making their stay in the garden so uncomfortable. Therefore, as a control measure consider applying this method.

Still not working?
If all the methods are not working, you need to call for help from the professionals who have trained and know all the about the mice. They will do all the garden trap setup and everything else. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Keeping the rodent out the garden has to start by your willingness to do it. Start by doing simple thing that will in turn yield good results.

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