Do rodents make good pets?

Not Every Rodent is a Good Pet
There are some people in this world to which a crazy question pops out in the head after they catch a mouse or a rat in a cage trap. Such people ask themselves can they pet the rat or a mouse they have just caught in a trap.

Well, there is no way one can pet a wild mouse or a wild rat. Actually, that is possible, but only through months and months of training the animal. So this means that rodents such as mice and rats don’t make good pets. However, there are certain species of rodents that truly make good pets. In this article, we will talk about such rodents that make good pets and that are extremely cute.

Rodents That Make Good Pets
Although mice and other rodents are somehow cute, they just don’t make good pets and they never will. However, don’t let that disappoint you since there are various other rodents that make good pets and that are much cuter than mice and other rodents.

Some rodents that make excellent pets include:

• Gerbils
• Guinea Pigs
• Hamsters
• Chinchillas

Although we said that mice and rats don’t make good pets, you can still have them as pets. But remember, you can’t make a wild rat or a mouse your pet. You will have to buy a pet rat or a pet mouse from rodent breeders.

Making Sure Your Rodent Buddies are Legal
Not every state of the United States of America welcomes rodents as pets with open arms. American states such as Hawaii and California are extremely strict about having a rodent as a pet. If you live in Hawaii or California, the only rodent pets you can legally possess are the ones you can purchase in your Hawaiian or Californian pet stores. If you want to know more about which rodents you can keep as pets and you live in the United States, you should contact your state’s Department of Natural Resources for pieces of information on which rodents can you keep as pets and which not.

You Need to Care of Them
Once you get yourself a chinchilla, hamster, guinea pig, or a rat as a pet, you should know that you need to care of them every day. Even though they are little, these rodents need special care and affections, just like other bigger pets.

Change your pet rodent’s water every day and feed it twice a day to keep it happy and healthy.

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