Do relocated rodents survive?

Catching the Rodents with Cage Traps
Most people who have a rat or a mice problem in their home, attic, shed, garage, and other objects use cage traps for trapping the mice. Now, these cage traps are quite effective in getting rid of rats and mice because rodents are quickly lured into such traps.

But, once you catch a mouse or a rat in your cage trap, you have to release it, right? You just can’t leave the rats and mice in your cage trap and keep them as pets. However, before you would relocate and release mice and rats, would you ever ask yourself will they survive? In this article, we will give you answers to that question.

Check Your Cage Trap
Once you set up a cage trap for catching rodents in your home, you should check that trap every 12 hours. You should bait the trap before that with peanut butter or wet can food to lure the rodents into the trap. You should know that you won’t instantly catch the rodents in your traps after setting it up. You will need to wait for a few days until you catch your rodents.

And when you finally catch rodents in your cage trap, you will probably think what you should do next with them. Most people decide to relocate their rodents. But, is that a good solution?

Relocating the Rodents
Since you can’t keep the rodents you have caught in your cage trap as pets, you should either relocate them or get rid of them in another way. Now, many people advocate that relocating the rodents in a cage trap is the best option to get rid of them.

If you want to relocate the mice or rats in your cage trap, you should relocate them at least 2 miles away from your home. However, you will probably ask yourself will the rodents survive once you relocated them. Let’s find out will they survive or not.

Will They Survive?
Relocating mice and rats is a huge stress for such animals. These animals already got used to your home and they will find themselves lost in the wild where you will relocate them.

Relocated mice and rats have slim chances of surviving in a new habitat. Most of them get eaten by other animals the first day of relocation. Others usually get hit by a car or a truck. But, some relocated mice and rats almost instantly find a new home to invade.

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