Do more rodents live in urban areas, or wild areas?

They Live in Urban Areas
Many people are curious about where are rodents more frequent, in urban areas or in wild areas. If you are also curious about this interesting question, keep on reading this text because we will provide you with the answer to that question.

When talking about rodents and where they are more frequent, we can say that they are more frequent in urban areas than in wild areas. Look, there is a reason why “house mouse” is called like that - it likes to live in houses more than living in wild areas. Mice and rats are also sometimes referred to as “commensal animals” which means they got used to living alongside humans.

Most Populous Mammals in Urban Areas
Since mice and rats are the official members of the wildlife community, most people imagine them living in the wild areas than in the urban areas. However, such an assumption isn’t correct or accurate at all.

Surprisingly, more mice and rats are living in the urban environments than in the wild. And what is even more surprising about their life in the urban environment is the fact that mice and rats are the second most populous inhabitants of urban areas after humans. Isn’t that shocking? Well, it certainly is. However that shocking fact about rodents mostly comes from the fact that mice and rats are synanthropic animals, which means that they are naturally associated with humans in the terms of ecology. For this reason, we consider mice and rats as a part of the so-called “urban wildlife.”

Why are They a Part of Urban Wildlife?
There is a reason why mice, rats, and some other rodents became a part of the urban wildlife. The main reason why these mammals became a part of the urban wildlife is the better and more abundant source of food and water in the urban areas.

They are a Problem
Mice and rats should have never become a part of the urban wildlife because they cause a lot of problems to humans. These mammals invade people’s home in the attempt to get food and they are also capable of transmitting various deadly diseases onto humans.

Another reason why we consider mice and rats a problem is that they reproduce several times a year. This means that one female mouse can give birth to several litters of mice a year.

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