How to get rodents out of a wall

Mice in Your Walls
So you think you have mice somewhere in your walls? How can you be certain that there are mice in your walls? Well, if you hear their pitter-patter at night, squeaking noises coming from your walls, and scratching sounds that come from the base of your wall, you can be certain that you have uninvited mouse guests in your wall.

Another way you can tell you have mice in your wall is seeing their droppings everywhere which look like little grains of rice in the color brown. You can also conclude that there are mice in your walls if you see that your walls have been chewed on. Now, when you conclude that you have mice in your walls, the next thing you will think about is how to get them out of your wall once and for all. Well, in this article, we will tell you how to get rid of uninvited mice in your walls.

How Did They Get Inside My Wall?
Every homeowner that has mice in his/hers walls asks himself/herself how did the mice enter its home and how did they end up in their walls.

Well, obviously, mice first had to enter your home to reach your walls. Mice are capable of entering through really tiny cracks and holes found on your home. The mice in your walls most probably entered your walls by falling down into them from your home’s attic.

What do Mice do Inside My Wall?
Do you wonder what mice are doing inside your walls? Well, nothing much. They just use it as a safe place to live at. However, while they are inside your walls, the mice love to chew on electrical installations, chew on wood, and they also love to chew on their way to the other parts of your home. Pretty scary, isn’t it?

Mice also spread diseases inside your walls and they also mate inside your walls. This is why you should get rid of them as soon as possible.

How do I Solve This Problem?
The first thing you should do when you find out you have mice in your walls is to search for mice entry points that mice can use to get inside your home. Seal up every single mice entry point you find.

Once you finished with sealing up mice entry points, set up a lot of mice snap traps along walls and areas where you see them passing by.

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