Is it safe to handle a squirrel with bare hands?

I guess, everybody knows that there exists two squirrel species living within the United Kingdom. These are the indigenous red and the migrant grey squirrels. Grey squirrels often are considered pests, but probably are just in search of a secure and comfy life. In UK, however, it exists illegal to save, treat, retain or emancipate the grey squirrels without an authorization.

Due to this, some organizations, including the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, routinely and casually puts grey squirrels to sleep. Hence, handling squirrels should be done with much care as they can bite you nastily, even if they are just babies. So, never just pick up a squirrel with your unprotected hands.

Do you know about Squirrels Biting?
Biting is, in reality, a reaction of squirrels when they are scared or hungry. It is nothing but an instinctive defense mechanism for them. Truth is, there is really no need for you to handle squirrels manually, except on rare cases, I guess. The CDC or Center for Disease Control stated thatdiseased squirrels exists extremely infrequent.

Therefore, though mammals can catch rabies, rabbits and squirrels are not believed to be concerned animals as transmitters or carriers of a disease. USA Today, however, reported in their December 12, 2003 issue the earliest confirmed event of rabies from squirrels in Pennsylvania.

Moreover, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources revealed that the symptoms and signs of rabies contagion in squirrels includes lethargy, life-threatening aggression, immovability, or problems in moving. So, during the instances when you have no choice but to touch squirrels, be sure to wear high-level gloves.

Should you be nipped or scratched by a squirrel, it will surely leave a scar that will last for a lifetime. Hence, protect yourself as squirrel bites are deep enough to reach the bones. In addition, wild squirrels can also have mites and fleas, besides carry infection and, in rare cases, rabies.

Moreover, always thoroughly rinse your hands immediately as soon as you touch a squirrel.As an alternative to latex gloves, you may also protect your hands when handling squirrels by using a heavy cloth or old towel. And, right after use, discard the hand gloves or whatever protective material you usein an elastic trash sack.

This is to make sure that persons and domestic animal cannot accidentally get in contact with it. Hence, the next time you see a squirrel wandering inside your home and you want to catch it yourself, wear impenetrable gloves towards protecting yourself.

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